Midway Arcade Origins [EUR/ENG] [iNSOMNi]

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Midway Arcade Origins [EUR/ENG] [iNSOMNi]





Год выпуска: 2012

Жанр: Arcade / Compilation

Разработчик: Backbone Entertainment [/b]

Издательство: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Регион: EUR

Код диска: BLES01768

Тип издания: Лицензия

Работоспособность проверена релизером: Да (внутренний HDD + 4.21.1 REBUG + мультимен 04.12.00 + диск в приводе)

Язык интерфейса: английский


Издание Midway Arcade Origins для консолей PS3 и Xbox 360, которое будет включать более 30 классических игр из «золотого века аркадных автоматов».

Источник называет Defender, Gauntlet, Joust, Marble Madness, Rampage и Spy Hunter - все игры будут поддерживать системы трофеев и ачивментов, во многих присутствует локальный мультиплеер.



Список игр

720° – Skateboard through the neighborhood and earn a ticket to compete at the big skate park.

A.P.B. – Drive around as Officer Bob to ticket and arrest law-breakers and meet your ticket quota.

Arch Rivals – Outscore your opponent in this classic basketball game.

Bubbles – Maneuver around dirty objects as a soapy bubble trying to clean a kitchen sink.

Championship Sprint – Race to the finish in this classic speed game.

Tournament Cyberball 2072 – Control a robotic football team and score touchdowns with exploding Cyberballs and short-circuiting robo-offenders.

Defender – Defend a far-off planet from waves of invading aliens while protecting the human race in this shooting game.

Defender II – Deliver humans to safety through the teleporting gateway, all while defending against attacking alien forces.

Gauntlet – Venture through dungeons as one of four fantasy-based characters to vanquish enemies and collect treasures and potions.

Gauntlet II – Reprise the role of your favorite fictional characters to embark on a new quest with all new levels, enemies and challenges.

Joust – Mount a flying ostrich and fly through levels by toppling groups of buzzard-riding knights.

Joust 2 – Transform your ostrich into a powerful Pegasus to defend against the enemy buzzard-riding knights.

Marble Madness – Glide a marble through mazes and obstacles in this platform game.

Pit-Fighter – Be the last man standing to punch, kick, and beat your opponent in the fighting pit.

Rampage – Take control of gigantic mutants to demolish the city and terrorize civilization.

Rampart – Defend your castles by attacking oncoming forces and repairing any damage done to your territory.

Robotron 2084 – Battle waves of robots to protect the last human family from annihilation.

Root Beer Tapper – Serve up mugs of root beer to thirsty patrons before the time runs out.

Satan’s Hollow – Build a bridge across a lava river and destroy gargoyles in order to reach the final level, a battle against Satan himself.

Sinistar – Blast planets and collect crystals to create deadly Sinibombs to defeat the evil Sinistar.

Smash TV – Advance through a vicious game show by playing for cash, keys, and the ultimate prize, your life.

Spy Hunter – Hunt down enemy agents while cruising for weapons and protecting civilians.

Spy Hunter II – Gather weapons and set-up obstacles to destroy enemy agents in a 3D view.

Super Off Road – Race around the tracks in an off-road truck to beat the other contenders.

Super Sprint – Speed around twisty tracks and advance through the circuit to be named the racing champion.

Toobin’ – Splash through rivers in an innertube to collect treasures and race against opponents.

Total Carnage – Play as the Doomsday Squad to rescue hostages and capture the evil dictator

Vindicators Part II – Power up to fill your depleting fuel tank and escape from oncoming attacks.

Wizard of Wor – Navigate through monster-filled dungeons to defeat the creatures within.

Xenophobe – Wander around a space station and shoot killer aliens before the time runs out.

[b]Xybots – Dash through the 3D maze to fight Xybot robots bent on human destruction.







  345 MB




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