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DmC: Devil May Cry - Update 1 incl. DLCs [RELOADED]
Игра: DmC: Devil May Cry
Версия: Update 1 [incl. DLCs] Релиз-группа: RELOADED Защита: Steam
DLC INCLUDED: Bloody Palace Mode Weapon Bundle
Game Balance -Demon evade provides less of a damage and style boost. -Evades have a shorter invulnerability window. -Green orbs no longer spawn procedurally when Dante's health is already high. He must now have less than 1/2 his HP for them to spawn. -SSS and SS ranks will now decay back down to S rank with inactivity. -Weakest enemies now do more damage. -You can no longer climb infinitely using Fireworks.

Gameplay -Mission 20: Vergil health reset bug fixed. -Secret Missions: Quitting Secret Missions in the middle of a falling attack no longer impairs camera movement.

Controls -Entering Angel or Demon mode in the same frame as pressing an attack button will now apply that mode to the attack.

UI -Refresh rate now correctly displays current value.

Sound -Sound bug during Kicker move when game is running at 75+ FPS has been addressed.


Категория: Игры на PC / Action

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