[UPDATE] Age of Empires II, HD - обновление v2.6 (ENG) - *RELOADED*

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[UPDATE] Age of Empires II, HD - обновление v2.6 (ENG) - *RELOADED*
Игра: Age of Empires II HD
Версия: v2.6
Поддерживаемые языки: ENG
Релиз-группа: RELOADED
Защита: Steam+CEG
2.6 обновления
- Майя have their eagle воин back (instead of a разведчик cavalry).
- Detailed Эло information can be displayed in the main menu while in the мультиплеер section. You can mouse over it for even more detailed information.
- Эло рейтинг now show up in the вестибюли, and update appropriately, в зависимости от моды.
- Whenever you complete a match, you will get details about how your Эло рейтинг were effected. It will also подробно reasons why Эло рейтинг wouldn't have changed too, such as playing a game containing АИС, or aborting a match before the time limit elapsed.
- The Steam should no longer interfere with frame rate issues.
- Games will not effect Эло until the game has been played for 90 секунд. This has been from reduced 5 minutes in RM and 2 minutes в DM. Both modes are now 90 секунд based on игра speed (т.е. 'почти' is 2.0 скорость, так actual time is 45 сек.)
- История экран сейчас слушает correct звуки for each of the цивилизациям.
- В игре event notifications for finding sheep, completing фонда, и т.д., are showing up again

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